Mentoring – First 5 Years

“How urgent it is today to educate and assist new generations to appropriate authentic human values and to cultivate an evangelical vision of life and history!”  Pope Francis, MSC General Chapter 2017

After completing Initial Formation, there is reasonable expectation that finally professed members are ready for an active and willing service of the Church’s mission, and an integral living of the vows, MSC life and the Constitutions.  Final profession and/or ordination does not bring this process of personal formation to an end, rather, it is “co-extensive with the life of a religious”.  The first 5 years of ministerial appointment is a time in which those new to ministry may be exposed to potential vulnerabilities that require support and guidance.  This online material provides a set of guidelines which MSC Entities can use for setting up their programs.   It has a flexible framework on which mentoring practice can be contextualised. It offers facilitators of mentoring some basic facilitation skills and makes resources available for use by those being mentored.

These resources will be available as they are prepared.