The Inaugural Training concluded February 4, 2022.  Congratulations to those confreres who graduated.  A second training course will be held mid-2023.

This online Facilitation course is now accessible for enrolled participants to begin whenever you wish. You can access the course by clicking the above image, but first you will need to login to the site using the same username or email and password you created for registration. 
The course is done in your own time one module per week. Each module has a number of units usually five. That means you would try to do one unit each day. In this first week when you need to read through the nine units of the Orientation Module which you study at your own pace. The course is designed for you to undertake each unit in your own time around the other commitments you already have. Each week you will also spend one hour in conversation with your trainer who will check with you how you are going with the units of that week.

Festival of the Spirituality of the Heart, August – October 2022
Every Thursday, 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Since 2013, the language of the Spirituality of the Heart finds itself in the language of Pope Francis. Love as Jesus loved, compassion and reconciliation, mercy and justice, centrality of the poor, peace and care for creation as our common home – these echo the language of Fr. Jules Chevalier.  Today, Pope Francis has identified our time not only a time of change but truly a change of time, a change of era.).

During August-October 2022 Cor Vitae presents this Festival online in weekly sessions.  At the end of the Festival the sessions will be available here for registered users of this website.  Course enrolment will not be necessary.

“Elders have been the gatekeepers of wisdom, knowledge, and history. They impart tradition, knowledge, culture, values, and role modeling.  Elders are the carriers and emblems of communally generated and mediated knowledge.” First Nations People

Formation for Ageing is for all MSC, but particularly for those in their senior years.  One of the hardest transitions that we experience is the move out of active engagement in ministry because of age.  It questions identity, usefulness, self-worth, among many other aspects of life.  How do we live with our aging bodies?  How do I continue to serve the mission when I can’t do anything?   How do I find meaning and purpose as I get older?  What’s the role of prayer? This formation program seeks to offer some opportunities to shift from the mindset of diminishment to positive attitudes, and celebrate the dignity of aged persons within our common life.   It also hopes to become a resource for those working with our MSC elders in the provision of care, facilities, support services, and accompaniment.

This program is under construction.

“Formation for Community to build stronger and deeper connections in our communion in brotherhood, by actively encouraging the method of shared discernment across our community gatherings world-wide, and ensuring it is at the core of all we do.” 2017 General Chapter

Community and communal experience are primary in living out our personal Christian life and discerning the ‘will of God’ in our personal lives.  Community is more than a collectivity of human beings. Community is a lived reality, that is, more than a mental construct. Communal discernment is not only a possibility; it is a necessity. Communal spiritual consolation can be known and used in discernment.  (John J. English, “Communal Spiritual Consolation,” Review for Religious 47, no. 6 (1988): 851.)

This program is under construction.

Formation in healing includes coordinating and resourcing the Society with healing methodologies and practices.  To bring about a shift in the way we think about ourselves and our hurts and woundedness. To help us become “wounded healers” able to be less defensive/protective about ourselves, and grow in our capacity for mission in a broken hurting world.
In initial Formation, formators need to have formed a healthy relationship with their own hurts and wounds in order to initiate and process the life’s hurts of the formandi.  Formandi need to be engaged actively in this task of healing to ensure unhealthy attitudes are not perpetuated post-formation when it is more difficult to confront them.
A ministry of healing to be available to all members, leaders, communities and entities.  2017 General Chapter

This program is under construction.

“There remains among as an unabated enthusiasm for mission founded on our conviction that the world and the societies and local churches in which we work are in need of our spirituality of the Heart.” “We commit ourselves to witnessing to the spirituality of the Heart through prayerful celebrations and the practice of compassion, justice and solidarity with the poor, the marginalized and all creation”. Many responses seem to have been inspired by Pope Francis’ challenge to come out of ourselves and move to the existential peripheries.  (2017 General Chapter)

Our new way of doing things must be inserted into our MSC spirituality. It is not enough to propose a new way of acting. Our way of governing must be inspired by our own spirituality. We want to “Be the heart of God on earth”: a spirituality of heart and mind.  Can our way of making decisions be embodied in it?  (from the working documents of the 2021 General Conference).

This program is under construction.