An on-line program for members of the Chevalier Family and for everyone interested in a Spirituality of the Heart.


Welcome to a program of on-line sessions around the theme of a Spirituality of the Heart. The “International Committee of the Laity of the Chevalier Family” presents these sessions to all members of the world-wide Chevalier Family; more specifically to its lay members and other people, interested in a Spirituality of the Heart.

The Spirituality of the Heart, presented in these sessions, is rooted in the Charism of Fr. Jules Chevalier MSC. Fr. Chevalier lived in France from 1824 to 1907. He is the Founder of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, as well as the Spiritual Founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart and of the International Branch of the Lay members of the Chevalier Family.

The sections of these sessions on-line can be utilized for personal reflection, while coordinators or facilitators of groups might use the sections during their groups’ gatherings, dependent on the program of the group and the needs of the members. Feel free also to publish the materials in bulletins or other publications, issued for the benefit of members of the Chevalier Family.

Contents of the Program

This program is divided into short sections, each followed by a reflective moment.

The program consists of:

  1. Some brief annotations concerning a need for Spirituality, the existence of different kinds of Catholic Christian Spiritualities and a variety of Spiritualities of the Heart.
  2. A brief presentation of the charism of Fr. Chevalier: the special Gift of the Spirit that shaped his vision and mission as the Founder of “the Chevalier Family”.
  3. Inspired by his charism, Fr. Chevalier developed his own vision of a Devotion to the Sacred Heart in such a way that today it is appropriately called a Spirituality of the Heart, clearly rooted in Jesus’ own spirituality. We present this biblical Spirituality of the Heart as a mainstay to family life and social involvement.
  4. A variety of materials relevant to practicing a Spirituality of the Heart in family life and broader society.

After reading each section, you are invited to spend some time of private reflection.

We wish you fruitful moments of reflection and sharing.
International Committee of the Laity of the Chevalier Family
Coordination Internationale des Laïcs de la Famille Chevalier
Coordinación Internacional de los Laicos de la Familia Chevalier
Internationaal Lekencomité van de Chevalier Familie.