Learning Modalities

Learning modalities are the pathways through which people give, receive, and store information. An effective means to reach all our course participants is to accommodate the needs of all their learning styles. The four widely accepted learning modalities are Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic.   

With this in mind, we use a wide range of media in the courses on this site, from video to academic reading. One of the great advantages of an online platform is the wealth of media technologies that can be offered to aid all learning styles.

“Some people are literate, while others are visuate,
Peter Malone msc, SIGNIS.

map systems, connect the dots, make individual or group collages, and present images of importance to other participants and trainers with Ziteboard

create Word Clouds (sometimes known as Mentimeters), which cluster contributions in blocks, showing the relative sizes of your group’s ideas.

participation in online learning communities using Zoom

weekly online accompaniment with a designated course trainer.

lessons are made up of different exercises with responses submitted directly online in dedicated forms, sliders, text boxes or by uploading documents into the platform.

face to face group processes in your local context (where restrictions do not apply)