The educator at the crossroads: to bind or to untie – Webinar

“The educator at the crossroads: to bind or to untie”: Pierangelo Sequeri and Paolo Crepet open the new series of meetings of the Gaudium et spes Chair

The new series of meetings of the Gaudium et spes Chair starts on 12 December , dedicated this year to “Listening to the child” . Four appointments (12 December, 20 February, 15 April and in May) to question the anthropological vision, the world of education, the ecclesial space and the economy on the cry that is rising loudly from the new generations and which is struggling to find reliable interlocutors to question proven mechanisms and reopen horizons of meaning.

First appointment on December 12th at 5.00 pm at the Institute’s Auditorium with “The educator at the crossroads: binding or untying” , which will see the theologian Pierangelo Sequeri , director of the Chair and creator of the reflection path, confront the popular psychiatrist Paolo Crepet , who for many years has explored the issues of youth hardship and the crisis in the educational world.

To participate in person, booking is welcome (while places last)  here
The event will be broadcast live on the Institute’s YouTube channel ( here)

“The so-called ‘revolution of ’68’ – admits Mgr. Sequeri – focused on the need to rethink the inertia of a transmission of the meaning of life essentially entrusted to the obedient internalization of rules and a strong push arose to bring the freedom of individual fulfillment of desires back to the foreground. After a few decades – he continues – we often find ourselves awkward and confused in managing an educational relationship that is neither too “connected” nor too “loose”, while the new generations raise an often deaf and suffocated cry that we adults risk not hearing. have ears to hear.”

Milena Santerini , professor of pedagogy at the Catholic University of Milan and vice-principal of the John Paul II Institute, moderates and hosts the meeting .

The opening of the new cycle of the Chair will be the opportunity to give Dr. Stefano Lucchini , head of institutional affairs and external communication of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo and board member of the Benedict XVI Pro Matrimoni et Familia Foundation , the title of Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great, as a concrete sign of the gratitude of the Church and the Institute for the support that made the birth of the Gaudium et spes  Chair possible and the development of third mission projects in recent years .