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Emmaus Supervision Program

Program for the Formation of Supervisors

February — November 2024

The Emmaus program  (fully accredited and now in its 3rd year)  equips supervisors to hold the space for others to reflect on their work in safe, supportive and rigorous ways.   Anyone in any kind of ministry role, is strongly recommended, if not mandated, to avail themselves of professional supervision and there is still a need for skilful qualified supervisors in the workplace.    

Our collaboration with the University of Divinity means that qualifying students undertaking the program as a Graduate Certificate in Supervision may be eligible for fee-help.   Here is a link to a quick video reminder about why we think this program is so special.  

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Supervision Group

If you need a supervisor for a group, please contact us.   Group supervision can be organised for your existing group or you can join one of our ‘Heart for Life’ groups.

Individual Supervision

Receive individual supervision from one of our Emmaus students-in-training (free)
Meet with one of our Recognised Supervisors
(Cost: $110 per hour)

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Spiritual Direction

Receive Spiritual Direction from one of our  Siloam directors-in-training (free)
Meet with an experienced Spiritual Director.

All Heart of Life Spiritual Directors hold appropriate qualifications, as recommended by the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction  

(Cost: $80 per hour)

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