Managing Differences, Conflict Resolution – Cor Vitae Seminar

In this time of the pandemic, even if Cor Vitae could not offer courses face-to-face, still Cor Vitae is taking the opportunity to offer more online courses on the Spirituality of the Heart.

Christ Jesus Before Our Eyes: The Spirituality of the Heart and the Human Heart of the 21st Century.

The course seeks to discover who is the human person/human heart of the 21st Century. Focusing on the human heart, it seeks to understand how the 21st century heart deal with its own emotions; how it functions within a 21st Century community life; how it manages differences and resolves conflicts; how could it live for, with and among others in this change of an era. It will conclude with reflections on the openness/readiness of the heart of the 21st Century to be imbued with the Spirituality of the Heart. This will be done through presentations of St. Joseph, Model and Patron of those who love the Sacred Heart, and of Mary, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

This course is running from July to December 2021, every First Saturday, at 1:30pm – 3:30pm Manila Time.

On September 4 the Module called Managing Differences, Conflict Resolution, was presented by Fr. Arsie Lumiqued MSC.

The following is a recording of his excellent input session.