Course on Synodality for Canon Lawyers

Course on Synodality also for canon lawyers
Program / MOOC 3 Synodality – Sinodalidad – Sinodalità

Soon a course on being a synodal church will be offered free of charge in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portughese. You can watch it at any time of the day in whichever language you prefer. It is organised by Boston College.

There have already been two previous courses (which you can also find on the website):   The next one includes subjects that the Synthesis Report issued by the October 2023 celebrated Synod identified as in need of further reflection and / or in need of canonical provisions. As indicated by the Synod Office in Rome canon lawyers will begin attending to revisions of canon law and their considerations will be part of the next synod session in October 2024.
Hence, among the speakers are also canon lawyers. The course contains many reflections that are of relevance for canon lawyers before they can begin rethinking the current law.
Speaker also include e.g the president of the International Theological Commission, persons in the steering group of the synod, professors of theology and canon law etc. They come from different parts of the world, cultures and backgrounds.

Please find below the information for signing up and attached you can find the course outline.
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