Legal Education for Leadership of Religious Institutes & Lay Collaborators

Ongoing Legal Education for Leaders. You might be interested in this Program which is offered both online and on campus in Canada or you might know someone who would be interested in learning more about this program which was founded by Father Frank Morrisey … his legacy continues via this program dedicated to the members of leadership teams and their lay collaborators.

Doctrine Of The Faith: Updated Reserved Offense Rules

Pope Francis promulgated a new version “Rules on the Most Serious Crimes Reserved to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”. In the main, the changes introduced refer to procedural aspects, geared to clarifying and facilitating the correct criminal action of the Church in the administration of justice. For more and links to text, check out this story.

Delicts of Sexual Abuse in the Revised Penal Law

This is a Recording of Monsignor John Renken’s webinar of November 2021. On the Delicts of Sexual Abuse in the Revised Penal Law of the Latin Catholic Church. What’s so new about the revised body of penal laws that Pope Francis has promulgated for the Latin Catholic Church? What changes has he made about the delicts of sexual abuse in the Church?  What are these delicts, and who commits them?  What does this new law say about those who keep sexual abuse “secret,” whether by not reporting it or by covering it up?