Supervised Pastoral Education


Admission Guide for SPE June 2023


SPE is a method of professional, theological and pastoral education wherein a student/ trainee learns pastoral care counseling skills within a context of responsible relationship and under the direction of a clinically trained SPE supervisor. It provides continuing education for theological, psychological and emotional concerns of persons in crisis.

SPE asks the student/ trainee to become more aware of himself as the primary source of a well integrated ministry, and to set about developing such personal integration in a more profound way.

A key word in the Supervised Pastoral Education experience is relationship. Healing takes place when an atmosphere of love and trust is established. Under the guidance of the supervisor, the student, and with the person to whom he/ she ministers.

Each SPE participant is responsible for providing pastoral care to the patients, family and staff in the hospital unit OR Parish OR other Ministerial sites where he/ she is assigned.


The program is designed to provide or facilitate.

– Growth in personal and professional identity and competence in ministry.

– Greater self-understanding and acceptance of one’s potential, inner resources and limitations.

– Skills in effective communication and teamwork.

– Integration of theological understanding and knowledge of behavioral sciences into personal functioning.

– Growth in conscientization of the dignity of life in all its expressions.


– Individualized areas of responsibility for ministry to persons in need/ crisis.

– Individual Supervision

– Individual Learning Contract

– Small Peer Group Interaction in structured seminar

– Actual Encounters in ministry

– A process concept of learning

– Written Verbatim, Case Studies, Personal Reflections.

– Theological Reflections

– Evaluation of Self in process

– Relevant readings, lectures field trips.

In this context each participants is expected to demonstrate an openness and willingness to explore his/her attitudes, values and assumptions about life, suffering and death.

4. SPE PROGRAM June 2023

4.1. SPE facilitates the process and development of personal and professional identity as minister. The trainee grows in awareness of ways in which one’s ministry affects persons. SPE is offered throughout the year for a period of 10 weeks.

4.1.1. SPE Dates: 6th June till 11th August, 2023 Group Session: 09:00-13:00 Every Tuesday and Wednesday(80hours) Individual Conference(I/C) ; 1 hour in two weeks Visitation to the Clinical Sites; 4 hours a day Monday to Friday(200hours) Tution Fee; $800.00 submitted before 6th June 2023

4.1.2. Venue : Presbytery Conference Room, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Suva

4.1.2. Clinical site: Parish, Ministerial Area or Squatter Area assigned

4.1.3. Number of Students : one group (4 9persons)

4.1.4. Screening Interview of the Applicants: From 17th April till 21th April, 2023

4.1.5. Deadline of Submission of Application Form: 4p.m. 19th of May, 2023

4.2. ADVANCED SPE provides continuing education in ministry development and provides pastoral specialization for persons who desire preparation for ministry specialty. An internship is available to qualified students who have completed at least one quarter of Basic CPE.


5.1. Sufficient theological education and experience to benefit from the experience.

5.2. Interest and active faith.

5.3. Completed application form after screening interview.

5.4. Personal Interview with SPE Supervisor.

5.5. Tuition Fee submitted to Ms. Andrea Manueli Finance of Roman Catholic

Archdiocese of Suva


Ms. Andrea Manueli

FINANCE of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Suva


Tel. 330-1955

Cel. 993-9464

Fr. Augustine KIM, MSC

SPE Supervisor

Tel. 338 1017. Cel. 753 0872


Address: St. Agnes Parish Samabula

P.O.Box 1681, Nabua, Suva, FIJI