Ministry to Ministers Sabbatical Program

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MtM Participant Testimonials

  • My whole being, mind, body and spirit, have been renewed during the MTM experience. My world has expanded and a sense of how to live interculturally in a multicultural world/ community has been a lived reality. The teachers chosen for us were a real blessing in challenging us to a broader sense of God and God’s special love for us.
    Thank you for caring about the growth of each one of us.Sister AntoinetteFormer Vice-Provincial of the Western Province of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth
  • I am in transition between ministries. My provincial thought this program would serve me well in making that transition.The program is structured to provide the participants with a comfortable setting, morning input sessions, plenty of time in the afternoon, evenings and weekends for rest and the freedom to choose additional activities and interests.The spacious and comfortable facilities here at the Pat Guidon Center are wonderful. The private bedrooms are very nicely appointed with a double bed, lounge chair, desk, private bath giving the participants wonderful privacy and comfort.I would highly recommend this program to any religious needing the time and space for personal renewal whether in transition in ministry or for refreshment for the long haul of religious living.Brother JackMarianist Brother from Dayton, Ohio.
  • For the last six years I have been in Administration for our Community. Before Administration I was a staff Chaplain at a County Hospital for ten years. It was very rewarding work. This past year I found myself really burnt out and need some time for myself.Several of our Sisters had made a Sabbatical here at Oblate School of Theology and said how wonderful it was for them. I did some looking into Sabbatical programs around the country and decided I liked the MTM program the best.I have found the program gave me something that I needed for myself. The program is for a person who needs time for themselves and to get in touch with their Spirituality. It gives you time to catch up with life – and even let life catch up with you – and to do NOTHING. The first month I did take the time to do nothing and slept a lot. The classes the program provides are very good. You are introduced to different professors and Theologians!One of the things I will always be grateful for is, with the help of my Spiritual Director, I was able to get to know myself better. I have a better self image and more confidence in myself. The other thing about being here is no one is watching you and you are in charge of yourself. The Director keep telling you, you are on Sabbatical, take care of yourself! I know that I am going home a different person than when I came. Thank God for that!If someone were to ask me if I would recommend this program to them I would say YES. It is worth the time and effort that the Directors put into our time here.Sister JulieDominican Sister from Houston, TX
  • When contemplating what I would do once my term of leadership was over, I realized that I needed some personal space before moving on to another ministry. The MTM program appealed to me because of its wholistic approach. It offered time for rest, spiritual growth, theological renewal, recreation, as well as an international flavour. Four months seemed just the right amount of time.I cannot single out one favourite part of the program. I think that all the parts together made for a wonderful unified whole. The lectures, conferences, personal spiritual direction, sharings on a personal and group level, opportunities to enjoy San Antonio and surrounding areas, the choice to concentrate on personal wellness through swimming and walking, community living entertainment, personal space time, all helped me to find rest, renewal, and peace. The program integrated, in a new way, the journey of my life.The accommodations were comfortable and inviting. Private rooms were large and spacious. The setting of the program, the MTM grounds, reflects the beauty of God’s creation. It was truly a gift to be in this piece of paradise.I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who needs time out to refocus, achieve more balance and integration in their life, venture more deeply into the journey of their life.Sister PatriciaSisters Servants of Mary Immaculate from Toronto, ON, Canada
  • I entered the seminary for the Congregation of the Mission (The Vincentians) in 1971. Since then I’ve done ministry in formation of our seminarians, professor and Campus Ministry at Niagara University. From there my dream to be a missionary became real. I spent 15 years in the Republic of Panama as pastoral agent in a rural parish setting where I attended numerous villages. I was later in formation at different levels for our candidates and in leadership. Then I served as provincial visitor in our Central American province and from 2004-2016. After that, I was the Superior General of the Congregation. I was looking for a program after my many years of service in the Congregation. Ministry to Ministers was recommended tome by a fellow superior general of the OMI, Fr. Louis Lougen.The program has been excellent, far exceeding my expectations. It is professionally organized, well thought out and very adaptable to the needs of the participants. I have done a number of sabbaticals in my 36 years of priesthood (this being my fourth) and this has been by far the best. It is a well-founded, holistic program that can transform lives if one’s heart is disposed. Besides the program set up for us in all its aspects, I attended a class in Black Church Tradition to help me discern options for future ministry. I participated in the additional ongoing formation seminars presented. I walked everyday between 3 and 4 miles and swam regularly in the beautiful pool. The weather was very favorable even into the middle of November. I socialized with everyone and especially with my faith sharing group. We bonded well as a small group and as a larger community.Ministry to Ministers really provided the opportunity for developing right relationships with oneself, others, God and creation as developed in the Eucharist, faith sharing, spiritual direction, class discussion, meal time, common exercise and nature walks.I’ve already recommended the MtM program to members of our leadership and some of my friends in the Daughters of Charity.Father GregFormer Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission (The Vincentians)

Ministry to Ministers Sabbatical Program

Jesus said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” (Mark 6:31)

The Ministry to Ministers (MtM) Sabbatical Program provides a sabbatical experience for Roman Catholic priests, religious women and men, and lay ministers who have been engaged in pastoral ministry for a number of years and who will be returning to an active ministerial mission or assignment, whether in a full-time or reduced time capacity.


Four key aspects of the Biblical Sabbath – ceasing, resting, embracing and feasting – constitute the framework to facilitate the personal, spiritual, theological, and pastoral renewal of each participant.

Holistic in its design, MtM focuses on personal growth and spiritual renewal, addressing the needs of body, mind and spirit. A key objective of the program is integration: the assimilation and application of this experience into everyday life and ministry.

To create a healthy and hospitable community atmosphere, the international program accepts a maximum of 24 participants, with an equitable balance between women and men. MtM is designed for people who are physically and emotionally healthy and who have the capacity to participate in and benefit from the fullness of the program. The program is not intended for persons suffering significant physical limitations or psychological dysfunctions or addictions.

Two sessions are offered each year: fall (August – December) and spring (January – May).

COVID-19 Information

– MtM is open at this time, with a few adjustments due to the COVID pandemic.
– Most MtM sessions and activities are in-person. Some OST events may be on-line only.
– Documentation of fully vaccinated status is required for acceptance into the program.
– OST and MtM follow the guidelines of the CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control) for COVID-safety.
– COVID-safety measures are subject to revision according to the status of the pandemic in the San  Antonio area.

Core Components

– Spiritual Direction and Faith-Sharing: All MtM participants choose a spiritual director who seeks to be a personal, spiritual companion, facilitating the integration of new insights, personal spiritual growth and development. Weekly faith-sharing in small groups enables participants to glean new self-knowledge by sharing personal experiences, faith challenges and opportunities.

– Mini-courses and conferences focus both on general theological updating and specific topics of contemporary spirituality and psychology related to personal well-being. This is accomplished via the talents and skills of the Oblate School of Theology faculty and the expertise of outstanding lecturers, theologians, and spiritual directors from the region and the nation.

– Academic and enrichment courses offered by the Oblate School of Theology are open at no additional cost to MtM participants. Reading and reflection are encouraged, but there is no written homework.

– *Physical well-being: All have the opportunity to participate in an individualized wellness program. A wellness consultant suggests an individual program to meet personal needs. At St. Mary’s University Athletic Center MtM participants are offered a wide array of exercises such as water aerobics, yoga, rock climbing and the use of specialized exercise machines.

– Personal Counseling: Although personal counseling is not included in the cost of the MtM program, some sabbatical participants discover the need for the services of a licensed counselor during the program. MtM provides the names of competent and respected counselors to respond to this need.

– Sharing of community life, faith and life experiences is essential to the MtM program. Free time is built into the program, including most afternoons and evenings, and Saturdays and Sundays. All participants are expected to disengage from active ministry commitments to devote their time and energies to the sabbatical process.

Tuition & Housing

The Pat Guidon Center is home of the MtM program and features spacious, recently renovated bedrooms with private bath, internet access, glass-walled chapel, and garden areas. A large outdoor swimming pool is also available for MtM participants.

MtM Tuition: MtM tuition covers all presentations, workshops, classes, spiritual direction, eight-day directed retreat, *gym membership, and *wellness consultant. Also included are normal room and board living expenses such as meals, snacks and socials, along with bed linens, towels and laundry supplies.

*Due to COVID restrictions, these services may not always be available.

Fall 2022 & Spring 2023

Application fee: $50.00 (non-refundable)
Program fee: $5,605.00
Room and Board: $7,950.00
Total cost: $13,605.00

All MtM participants must have medical insurance that meets the standards of the U.S. Affordable Care Act.

View the statement on MtM medical insurance coverage.