Heart of Life Centre for Spiritual & Pastoral Formation

From the Director’s Desk…Welcome to our first eNews of 2023.  It’s a bumper first edition! In 2023, we celebrate 40 years of service.  Keep an eye on our eNews and social media for special events in which you can participate to Read More …

Protecting Our Rights

Pope Francis’ Motu proprio, establishes new procedures for reporting abuse and violence. The document covers not only violence and abuse against children, but also abuse of authority. This includes cases of violence against religious by clerics, as well as abuse committed against adult seminarians or novices. One way to protect people is to provide good them with training in being assertive, so that they can challenge unacceptable behaviours, or to feel confident to report them to authorities. This article discusses assertiveness and what it involves.

Midlife Opportunities – Making Ends Meet

Often called the “Midlife Crisis”, this significant period of transition in life is an encounter with the increasing limitations of aging, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This two-day seminar was offered in June 2022 by Chris Chaplin MSC for the Divine Word Missionaries sabbatical program held at Nemi, an hour out of Rome. A PDF version of the PowerPoint of his presentation is made available here for your reflection.

International Leadership Development Program 2023

The International Leadership Development Program organized by Faith and Praxis in 2023 will be a multilingual program with simultaneous translation. Please find flyers in three languages with detailed information and see if the program might be of your interest. Also, please forward this email to any members of leadership teams that you think might benefit from this formation.

Institute of St Anselm – Accredited International Centre for Leadership Training

We are an international residential Centre for training in leadership and spiritual. personal and relational development of lay Christians, priests and members of religious communities. We welcome mature participants from all over the world. There are around 60-100 participants each year for the Diploma and Certificate programs. The programs are full-time and residential.

Section 10 – Self-Understanding – Passion & Priorities

The skills associated with prioritizing are significant for religious life and for living our missionary identity with integrity. When we sharpen our focus and direction, energy becomes available for action in those priority areas. In Section 10 of Self-Understanding, we will now delve into the dynamics of prioritization and examine how these dynamics influence and are influenced by our passion.

Section 9 – Self-Understanding – 3 Dimensions

We have looked briefly at the tension between our Conscious Needs and Unconscious Needs on one hand, and our Human and Theo-Centric Self-Transcending Values on the other.  We saw how our perception of reality can be influenced by our needs especially when they have been over-met, under-met, or distorted by hurts or expectations. What does this mean for our Christian living and what implications does the interaction of our needs and values have on our Christian decision-making especially in responding to a perceived religious or ministerial vocation.