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Spiritualitas Hati Dalam Lintasan Sejarah

This article “Spirituality of the Heart from Historical Perspective”, has been written by Fr. Johanis Mangkey MSC, of the Indonesian Province, for the novices of the Indonesian Province. He presented it to them over a series of days in October this year. The article is in Indonesian but can be translated using the online translator on this site. It is posted here especially for the reflection of our Indonesian MSC. We thank Fr. Mangkey for his insight and experience which he has shared over many years with the congregation, through his time in the General Administration, provincial Administration and with members worldwide.

Ongoing Formation MSC Indonesia

If we understand Spirituality of the Heart as the underpinning structure of our lives, we see that it shapes and colours our perceptions and actions. While at the centre of our life and prayer our spirituality is more than a devotion, more than a theology; its movements are part of the human experience and give us a way of seeing ourselves and our mission in relation to God. In July 2022 the MSC Indonesian Province brought its younger men together in Bali for two weeks of Ongoing Formation [OGF]. Here there are three video presentations, produced by the wonderful media office of the province, on the content of that OGF.

Creation as God’s Love Story

In his letter for this year’s Season of Creation, the theme of which is ‘Listen to the voice of creation’ Pope Francis says that as we listen, we can hear in the voice of creation a discordant note: a sweet song in praise of the Creator; and, an anguished plea, lamenting our mistreatment of this our common home. She weeps and implores us to put an end to our abuses and to her destruction. Fr. Claude Mostowik MSC writes.

Jules Chevalier and the Integrity of Creation

Warren Perrotto, MSC, writes his reflections on the Integrity of creation from the perspective of our founder Jules Chevalier MSC. The link between the call to love and the contemplative capacity to see the inter-relationship between ourselves and all creation is fundamental to Chevalier’s charism.

Festival of the Spirituality of the Heart: in Sacred Scriptures

The first presentation of the Festival of the Spirituality of the Heart explores the biblical basis of the Spirituality of the Heart. These first two presentations are offered by Fr. John Peter, MSC, of the MSC Indian Union. He investigates the heart in Sacred Scriptures, then explores the operations of the heart of God, the heart of humanity and the heart of creation in Sacred Scriptures. He concludes with questions and challenges to the Spirituality of the Heart in our contemporary times.