SEDOS Residential Seminar, 2023 – The Changing Landscape of Religious Missionary Life

Dear SEDOS Members/ Cari membri SEDOS/ Chers membres SEDOS/ Estimados miembros de SEDOS,   EN: We would like to inform you that the SEDOS Residential Seminar, 2023 will take place from 1 – 5 May, 2023, on the theme The Changing Landscape of Religious Missionary Life at Centro Ad Read More …

Heart of Life Centre for Spiritual & Pastoral Formation

From the Director’s Desk…Welcome to our first eNews of 2023.  It’s a bumper first edition! In 2023, we celebrate 40 years of service.  Keep an eye on our eNews and social media for special events in which you can participate to Read More …

Pope reflects on state of the world

Pope Francis, in an interview to the Argentine state news agency Telam, reflected on the world situation today, the conflict in Ukraine, which he said was a time to rethink the concept of a just war, the post coronavirus situation, the importance of youth, role of the United Nations, the environment and his pontificate. Telam provided an English translation that Vatican News published on July. 

Protecting Our Rights

Pope Francis’ Motu proprio, establishes new procedures for reporting abuse and violence. The document covers not only violence and abuse against children, but also abuse of authority. This includes cases of violence against religious by clerics, as well as abuse committed against adult seminarians or novices. One way to protect people is to provide good them with training in being assertive, so that they can challenge unacceptable behaviours, or to feel confident to report them to authorities. This article discusses assertiveness and what it involves.

Training in Spiritual Direction, Supervision, Leadership at Heart of Life

Heart of Life celebrates its 40th birthday in 2023, having witnessed over 1100 women and men – lay and ordained – graduate from our spiritual formation programs. Our graduates, in their journey of contemplative discernment following the way of the heart, have been listening, discerning, and taking up formation roles in communities across the globe since 1983.

Free Online Training in Synodality

The USG and the UISG, together with CLAR and several regional Bishops’ Conferences, are promoting a free online training programme on the theology and practice of synodality in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Italian. The first course on “Common Discernment and Decision-Making in the Church” starts in July. It is aimed at all members of the People of God