Special Continental Synodal Assemblies

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ
We have reached the culminating moment of the Continental Stage: the continental synodal assemblies. We begin already on Sunday with the start of the synodal assemblies for Europe and Oceania. From 12 February then the one for the Middle East and afterwards the one for Asia, Africa and at the end of March the one for Latin America.

To follow the work, we have set up a portal (https://synod2023.org) that gives you access to the specific sites for each continental assembly.

The past month has been full of events and activities. We will review them together in this newsletter.
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On the way to Prague and Suva

Many delegations are on their way to Prague (Czech Republic) or Suva (Fiji Islands) to participate in their respective continental assembly. We invite you to introduce your delegates, perhaps through a simple post on social networks as the synodal team of France and Switzerland did. And after the continental assembly, why not organise a virtual meeting with them so that they can recount the synodal experience of those days?

Delegation of France

Delegation of Switzerland

Through the portal https://synod2023.org you can access the sites of the individual continental meetings. For the Assemblies of Oceania, Asia and Africa, it is also possible to subscribe to a specific newsletter to receive daily information on the meeting.

Forming for synodality
We remind you that it is still possible to register for the two multilingual courses
 on synodality.

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Review the course opening video
The New MOOC on Synodality

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On the eve of the opening of the New MOOC on Synodality, we offer you the introductory video of the General Rapporteur of the XVI General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich.

A letter to the bishops

In mid-January, we announced the Ecumenical Prayer Vigil at the beginning of the upcoming 16th General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. The vigil is part of the initiative “Together, Gathering of the People of God” promoted by the Taizé community in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Synod, several Vatican dicasteries and the diocese of Rome. If you want to know more, visit the website (together2023.net).


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A letter to the bishops
Last week, Cardinals Mario Grech and Jean-Claude Hollerich addressed a letter to all the bishops of the world. Make sure your bishop has received a copy and bring it to him. Maybe it could also be a good opportunity for dialogue on his experience of the synodal path.

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Pray for the Synod
In order to support the synodal journey and ask for the Spirit’s assistance, together with the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network and UISG, we have set up a website in 5 languages: Church on the Way. Pray for the Synod. You too can send your prayer. See how to do it… 

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