Protecting Our Rights

Pope Francis’ Motu proprio, establishes new procedures for reporting abuse and violence. The document covers not only violence and abuse against children, but also abuse of authority. This includes cases of violence against religious by clerics, as well as abuse committed against adult seminarians or novices. One way to protect people is to provide good them with training in being assertive, so that they can challenge unacceptable behaviours, or to feel confident to report them to authorities. This article discusses assertiveness and what it involves.

Conference on Vulnerability to Abuse and the Catholic Church

Hello to all of you,   We are honoured to invite you to register for the Conference on Vulnerability to Abuse and the Catholic Church to be held May 25-28, 2022, at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada. The Conference is organized in a hybrid way, i.e., face-to-face and online (zoom) in synchronous and asynchronous mode. You will find the information about the program of the conference in the attached files.   Animated by internationally renowned experts, the conference will be an opportunity to address the different aspects of vulnerability. Indeed, the conference has a dual purpose, namely to discuss and clarify the understanding of the term “vulnerable persons” in the context of abuse in the Catholic Church and in society.

UISG Office for Care and Safeguarding

UISG Office for Care and Safeguarding, presents a webinar on Safeguarding Protocols – sharing best practice in our common journey.

La Oficina de Atención y Salvaguardia de la UISG presenta un webinar sobre Protocolos de Salvaguarda: compartiendo las mejores prácticas en nuestro camino común.

UISG Office for Care and Safeguarding, presenta un webinar sui protocolli di salvaguardia, condividendo le migliori pratiche nel nostro percorso comune.

Le Bureau de l’UISG pour les soins et la sauvegarde présente un webinaire sur les protocoles de sauvegarde – partage des meilleures pratiques dans notre cheminement commun.

Doctrine Of The Faith: Updated Reserved Offense Rules

Pope Francis promulgated a new version “Rules on the Most Serious Crimes Reserved to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”. In the main, the changes introduced refer to procedural aspects, geared to clarifying and facilitating the correct criminal action of the Church in the administration of justice. For more and links to text, check out this story.