Jules Chevalier and the Integrity of Creation

Warren Perrotto, MSC, writes his reflections on the Integrity of creation from the perspective of our founder Jules Chevalier MSC. The link between the call to love and the contemplative capacity to see the inter-relationship between ourselves and all creation is fundamental to Chevalier’s charism.

Charism, Spirit, and Mission

Fr. Carl Tranter MSC presented the Cor Vitae Renewal Program session on 4th June 2022 on Zoom. The Topic was “Charism and Spirituality” and in his presentation he looks at Charism, Spirit, and Mission according to the mind and heart of Fr. Jules Chevalier. The PowerPoint of his presentation is made available here for your interest and study.

Chevalier and Synodality

Greetings to our MSC confrères around the world and special thoughts and blessings on this day of the Anniversary of the death of our beloved founder, Fr. Chevalier. The following text is worthy of our ongoing reflection. It is in part the homily given by the Superior General, Fr. Abzalón, during our Feast Day community celebration of Mass with members of the Italian Province, including Fr. Mario Scalici, MSC, the Italian Provincial and the four formandi of the province. We trust you all had joyful and inspiring celebrations and that you can use the following words to help inspire you in your mission.